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Cynosure – Subtle Communication

Years ago, after creating the Brand Cynosure Hotels we created these T-shirt and Fridge Magnet Souvenir Badges as a give away to kids who visited the Resort at Coorg. Simple graphics showing the Wildlife at Coorg and Exploring Coorg. Some Badges were distributed as per the Sunsign of the visitor. A...

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I don’t see a reason to tweet often

“I don’t see a reason to tweet often”. Warren Buffett has tweeted only nine times. He has 1.43 million followers. #neoteric #warrenbuffett #kedar #neotericcommunications #socialmedia...

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If a ‘Creative’ is doing well, don’t change it for the sake of change.

If a ‘Creative’ is doing well, don’t change it for the sake of change. One of the oldest sayings on Wall Street, is to “let your winners run, and cut your losers.” – Same applies for Campaigns and Creatives that run well… WeSchool Welingkar’s Media cam...

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​​Good design is intelligence made visible​.

Design reflects your Brand creating perceptions – design is a big communication tool. Use Strategy in Design to communicate the Brand. Refer to your Brand Usage Manual to communicate consistently through Design....

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Brand Image – It’s Strategy, Strategy, Strategy.

Our experience since 1994: A Brand Image is a Strategy; Design comes in much later. Communication is very powerful, visual communication more so. Never print / publish anything unless it has a strategy. Every action you take / a piece of communication you send out, either Builds or Breaks your Brand...

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