Brand Image – It’s Strategy, Strategy, Strategy.

Our experience since 1994: A Brand Image is a Strategy; Design comes in much later.

Communication is very powerful, visual communication more so. Never print / publish anything unless it has a strategy. Every action you take / a piece of communication you send out, either Builds or Breaks your Brand.

Strategy – A visual ‘non-normal’. We created the Brand Image for Mafatlal Interiors which has a yellow triangle in the background. The yellow triangle – the left-handed tick in the Mafatlal Brand Image made all the difference in its recall value and originality – because visually it’s not the ‘normal’ – It’s a reverse tick mark.

We were the exclusive branding and communications agency for 3 years. We designed the ‘Look and Feel’ of their outlets, Created their Communication material and also Advertisement Campaigns.

We did this in 1997.