Strategic Campaign

Cynosure – Subtle Communication

Years ago, after creating the Brand Cynosure Hotels we created these T-shirt and Fridge Magnet Souvenir Badges as a give away to kids who visited the Resort at Coorg.

Simple graphics showing the Wildlife at Coorg and Exploring Coorg. Some Badges were distributed as per the Sunsign of the visitor.

A simple ‘Budget’ communication.



Social Media Strategy

Social Media Consumption Habits change from region to region. Is your Communication custom-created for you / your region, or based on some foreign social media consumption data?

Like > Lead > Meeting > Possible Conversion. Can we not make it “See the Post” = “Serious Enquiry or Client Gained”?

Limited, Strategic, Relevant and Quality Posts in the right Social Medium will give you better ROI (ROI of time and money spent) than just mere continuous Posting.

Also, is your Relevant Audience present on the Social Medium selected (or is Direct Emailing better?)?

Further, is your Post suggesting to ‘Buy a Product or Service’ or ‘Guiding to Buy or Use your Brand’s Product / Service’ or at least Communicating about your Brand?

Some critical questions: What is the Objective? How to arrive at a Budget for Communication and what is the ROI expected?
Last but not the least… Is the Post a Reflection of your Brand?

Continuous Posting (spamming) v/s Strategic Consistent Posts… Let’s discuss further.

Best Post Posting time for Indian Market
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Brand Image Creation and Brand Communication for Motilal Oswal

In 1999 we created this Brand Image for Motilal Oswal Securities Limited. This classic was possible due to the perfect brief, personal involvement, the faith in our work and freedom given to us to be creative by Mr. Motilal Oswal, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal and Mr. Jagdeep Kapoor (Samsika).

It’s is an honour for us to be Exclusive Retained Advertising Agency for Motilal Oswal (1999 to 2005).

  • We did break a lot of records:
    Wealth Creation Thoughts Campaign with personal guidance of Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal and Mr. Motilal Oswal.
  • We Created and Released more than 400 Ads on the Front Page of National Financial Dalies – Economic Times, Business Standard, Business Line and Rajasthan Patrika.
  • Designing and Execution of the first Channel Partner Outlet at Seetladevi, Mahim, Mumbai.
  • Created more than 1000+ Outlet Signages – From Mumbai to Jhoomritalliya.
  • Wealth Creation Seminars

Innovative Brand Communication – Gas Station for Elf Gas

“What Branding can you do for a Gas Station?”

We Created an innovative Brand Communication for Elf Gas – An unique Functional Design for its LPG Gas Station in Bengaluru.
Gas Stations are always erected with 2 pillars and Gas Dispensers in the centre.
We Ideated and Created an unique Design – A Single Pillar Gas Station with the roof balanced on wire-ropes. An unique Totem Pole was also Designed that was a huge Environmental Graphic – A Brand Statement of Innovation. We Designed, Fabricated and Erected this LPG Gas Station in 2005.


Elf Gas Model 2005

Above is the first Model presented to the client. This was in 2005.


Strategic Website + Social Media for ANJ

anj design build deliver

We Created the Brand Image and Positioning – “Giving Life to Ideas” and further “+Design +Build +Deliver” and took the Brand Communication further through Brochures.

We also extended the Strategic Communication to their Website and Synchronised Social Media – Linkedin and Facebook. Creating Regular Posts with original Content on Linkedin and Facebook has given good returns towards Brand Communication.

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