Social Media Strategy

Social Media Consumption Habits change from region to region. Is your Communication custom-created for you / your region, or based on some foreign social media consumption data?

Like > Lead > Meeting > Possible Conversion. Can we not make it “See the Post” = “Serious Enquiry or Client Gained”?

Limited, Strategic, Relevant and Quality Posts in the right Social Medium will give you better ROI (ROI of time and money spent) than just mere continuous Posting.

Also, is your Relevant Audience present on the Social Medium selected (or is Direct Emailing better?)?

Further, is your Post suggesting to ‘Buy a Product or Service’ or ‘Guiding to Buy or Use your Brand’s Product / Service’ or at least Communicating about your Brand?

Some critical questions: What is the Objective? How to arrive at a Budget for Communication and what is the ROI expected?
Last but not the least… Is the Post a Reflection of your Brand?

Continuous Posting (spamming) v/s Strategic Consistent Posts… Let’s discuss further.

Best Post Posting time for Indian Market
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