Babaji Shivram

“I and Mr. Kedar have worked together on several projects which included exercises for Internal as well as External Branding.

For Internal it was amazing to see the level of detailing that Kedar goes into and the creative ideas that he proposes are very impressive. His concept and Strategies are very clear and something that is custom made to every organization or project that he handles.

Regarding External Branding, I would consider it as my honour to work with Mr. Kedar, the way he bought shape to our Ideas and nurtured it to an extent that it seems like the most perfect fit to an organisations needs. And it was quite evident, that his ideas are amongst the best in the business, as once we had participated in an Exhibition involving more than 200 stalls from 20 Countries and His concept and Branding Techniques won the BEST STALL AWARD.! (Cargo EXPO 2010: WTC, Mumbai.)

Also, I would like to add, that he is a great person to work with, he takes every idea seriously, and working with him is truly an enriching experience.”

Sunil Magesh
Brand Department, Babaji Shivram Logistics

Neoteric Communications had done the Babaji Shivram Corporate Film.