Complete Brand Creation – Megatowns

Brand Name, Brand Image and Brand Positioning for Megatowns.

Mega Towns – The Brand
The Company is built on a robust set of tangible and intangible values. Intangible in culture and tangible in delivery.

‘Value is where the King is…’ is symbolised by the King with the Golden Plus of value created. The company’s intellectual expertise and deliverables is always in Pluses – in Identifying (locating), Creating (building) and Delivering (handover) Value.

The Brand Image is a reflection of the Corporate’s Promise – To Identify, Create and Deliver Value.
– The Bold, Honest and Semi-Contemporary Type used in Fresh Orange for the Company Name is a representation of the robust values and strengths of the company.
– The graphic element – King with a Golden Crown, depicts the King’s expertise of identifying, creating and delivering a value location (the creation of intangible Value in space, created by contours of a chess board king; topped with a crown – Golden Plus – the promise of a future value)
– The metaphoric King with the Golden Crown: The King creates The Kingdom wherever he goes.

The Positioning is the real truth in tangible delivery: We know Mumbai Best!